We increase your efficiency in industrial software development processes. Due to our long term experience in software and hardware development in different process role, we know where inefficiencies take place. With our solutions we offer you the possibility to boost your efficiency and to reduce your development costs.

HSID Key Features

Visualization of Requirements – Trainings

In large software projects there is a continuous change of project members. Each time a new member joins the project, he has to be familiarized with the software.

Visualization of Requirements – Impact Analysis

Errors occur in each software development process. It is often really difficult and time consuming to identify the impact of the error on other software components and the whole software system

Reduction of tool interruptions

In software development processes, there are often several tools for typical phases like “Requirements Analysis” (Doors), “Architectural Design” (UML-Tool) and “Specification” (Word, XML).

Business presentations

Typically project leaders have to present the architectural design, the current state, the quality figures, … in different management meetings. Usually they have to prepare a new presentation for each of these meetings.

Reason Why

The development process for specific products is usually realized in a V-model. Every single step in this development process is encapsulated in itself. That means it has fixed work products and information flows with the former and the subsequent process step.

Because the interfaces never work 100% percent, a lot of information is lost (around 30%) between each process step. But not only the inefficiency plays a significant role, also the motivation of the people.

The loss of information between each process steps causes dissatisfaction and dropping motivation because of the repeating failures during the development process. Due to our high experience in different roles in the development process we can confirm this inefficiency and we tried to figure out a solution to solve the problem.

A holistic approach to visualize the information and dataflow in a single tool environment offers the possibility to exchange information in a more efficient way, to avoid failures because of misunderstandings and finally to improve the motivation of employees.


Sergey Christ
Founder, CTO